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Our country Nigeria is a country blessed with so many resources both human resource and mineral resources.
In the aspect of our human capital resource we are blessed with lots of good and smart business people who have their home country at heart and has taken the bold steps in making sure that the basic if not all amenities are at our disposal at affordable prices which laptop , desktop and mobile phones are one them.

In this article we are going to teach you how to become an outstanding Laptop dealer just like GBN MOBILE Computers.


  1. Learn the trade: This is the main Key to start selling uk used laptop in Nigeria because they said that knowledge is power , you need to learn the technicalities behind  the business  eg . Leg the different laptops models available in the market and their specifications from each of the manufacturers , Know the difference in their Generation and function , Learn about different processor type etc before thinking of doing this business and NOTE: Knowing how to do basic maintenance and fixing will give you a vey big edge over your competitors in the business.
  2. CAPITAL: To become a laptop dealer / reseller it require some good amount of money which the minimum to start is N500,000.
  3. SOURCING FOR LAPTOPS: Sourcing for the laptops is one of the biggest challenge to start selling uk used laptop in Nigeria apart from having the money to buy them, because the demand is higher than the supply, but you have nothing to worry about because gbn mobile computers Got you covered to make available any type of laptop that you want according to you budget at a wholesale price in Lagos Nigeria .visit our store or contact us via email or whatsapp for quotation.
  4. BUSINESS SITING: The location to site your business is very Key , find a place that is easily accessible by your prospective customers and the area where the demand is also available and the people can also afford it.
  5. GET OFFICE SPACE : Get a good office space with good security to avoid theft preferably a space that has roof decking with cooperate security and good packing space, we understand that  getting an office space in Nigeria is usually on the very high side especially in Lagos , Abuja PH etc . here are you options to deal with this , Setting up an online computer store , selling on and social media is a good option for someone with little capital that really want to do this business.  
  6. Testing of products: this stage is the another important section , once you have bought your laptops you need to test them first from your suppler and before you sell to your customer you need to reconfirm that the laptop is function vey well starting from the battery, keyboard and screen etc. before delivering to your customer.
  7. Selling : this is the stage I love some much , this stage puts money to your pocket bring out all your marketing skill and make sure that you make sales and don’t allow that customer to leave the store without buying from you and also don’t be too greedy in placing price Tag on your products in that way you will make good turnover , make more customers and more money.

With these easy steps you can start selling laptop like a pro and also making good money. Don’t forget to comment and share to your friend and if you can any question please leave a comment or contact us via our email , whatsapp and phone number.

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